Phase 2: Some Clarification

In my first post, where I talked about the special diet I’ve been on for the past 5 months, I stated that Phase 2 of the program means that I can have relative freedom in what I eat each day. After checking my course book and talking to the instructor, I found that in Phase 2 of the program, they strongly recommend that you continue with the two special entrees and three shakes each day. They also give you a list of recommended frozen entrees from a variety of companies, which you normally can find at any supermarket. There is more latitude for eating out carefully and making your own meals. Phase 2 is supposed to last six months, with less frequent class meetings, the goal being the development of a sustainable lifelong diet. The idea about sticking with the special entrees and shakes is to help with the transition to diet habits that become ingrained.

I asked my instructor last week if it was time for me to move to Phase 2. He said that since I’d lost 20% of my weight, going past the 10% and 15% goals of the program, I could transition to Phase 2, unless I wanted to keep up the current weight loss rate. I told him that I wanted to stick with Phase 1 for another month, to lose another 10 pounds, putting me within 15 pounds of my healthy BMI range. My goal is to get to that range by next April.

Part of the transition involves a consultation with the dietician, who helps you come up with a daily calorie range for Phase 2. For a guy with my height, that daily range might be around 1900 calories. For the past 5 months during the weight loss phase, my daily calories range has been between 900 and 1200 calories.

I get asked if I ever get hungry on the plan. Feeling hunger has been rare on the plan and when I’ve experienced it, it has more to do with the timing of meals and how early I get up in the morning.

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